COMMFFEST is held each year in the downtown region
of Old Town Toronto  in the historical St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood.and surrounding areas
Screenings are held in the Rainbow Cinema, The St. Lawrence Great Hall,
The Performing Arts Lodge and other venues to be announced.

COMMFFEST has a second location called COMMFFEST Malvern
located in Scarborough and is in partnership with the Malvern Public Library. 30 Sewells Rd.

416 362 5570

The town of York was founded in 1793, on a site of ten  blocks north of Front Street between George and
Berkeley Streets. The area of today's St. Lawrence
neighbourhood was then below the waterline, the
shoreline being just south of Front Street. The area
was infilled to provide more land for port and industrial
uses adjacent.

St. Lawrence was the first industrial area of York. The
first parliament buildings in Upper Canada in 1793 were constructed on the southwest corner of Parliament and Front Street. The buildings have long since gone from the site, but a discovery in 2000 when a quick dig of the property revealed the old parliament building footings, in addition to some pottery from that time. The city and the province now own most of the property,although there is no current preservation or memorial located there.

St. Lawrence Market A Saturday farmers' market began operation at Front and Jarvis in 1803. The current Market building, south of Front, is open daily, selling foods and other goods, while the Saturday farmers' market operates in the north building, on the north side of Front Street. In 1834, Toronto's first city hall was built on the southwest corner of King St. East & Jarvis St. at the old 'Market' building from
1834 (the year of Toronto's incorporation from the
former town of York) to 1844. This building was later burnt down during the great fire of 1849 and replaced with the grandiose St. Lawrence Hall and north section of the market, referred to today as the
'North Market'.

St. Lawrence Hall, one of the most prominent
landmarks in the neighbourhood. St. Lawrence Great Hall St. Lawrence Hall was built in 1850 as a meeting place for public gatherings, concerts and exhibitions.

Restored to its original grandeur in 1967, the Hall
with its three major rooms continues to serve as
a breathtaking venue to inspired special occasions
certain to make a lasting impression.