cannIn 2018, seventeen years after granting legal access to medical cannabis, Canada legalized its recreational use. Many people thought that this would be the end of the story. But it was only the end of the second chapter. The rest of the book on Canada’s cannabis legalization is still being written.
Regardless of cannabis being legal the stigma of 100 years of prohibition and propaganda is still very present.

The irony is that while millions of Canadians consume cannabis in one form or another, many still do it in secret. Even medicinal users are apprehensive to share their story with family and friends. If you consume cannabis, do you feel comfortable sharing that information with colleagues at work or on social media? Probably not.
What about alcohol? Most people would much rather share photos of themselves with a beer or a glass of wine than smoking a joint. Why? Because it's socially acceptable.

In Fact, 65% of people still feel that way because the stigma runs very deep.
Our documentary Demystifying Cannabis tackles some of the myths and taboos that characterize this complex plant, and the stigma faced by its consumers.